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Welcome to the world of Swiss Bionic Solutions.

As a globally organized company with swiss origin, we develop and distribute innovative products worldwide in the field of complementary and alternative medicine and in recent years we have specialized particularly in bionic solutions. Bionics is concerned with deciphering "inventions of active nature" and how to innovatively implement these inventions in modern technologies. Low-energy frequencies and intensities in the electromagnetic spectrum of the geomagnetic field and the ionosphere serve as a natural model for the technical implementation. Our product range focuses on integrated wellness & health care for in-home use utilizing pulsed magnetic field therapy (PEMF) / magnetic resonance stimulation.

Presently the world's most advanced PEMF technology for home use the iMRS -, and the systems from the MRS 2000 product family, which have been proven over the past 2 decades, as well as a range of brand-new options from light and sound –research (brain wave entrainment), allow for a variety of integrated, comprehensive and highly effective wellness applications.

Consultation and support to our worldwide customers are guaranteed through a global team of independent, competent and certified Lifestyle Consultants in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. Apart from the highest quality standards in development, production and support, our priorities are also fast service and the continuous development of innovative products and systems in the world of bionics and energy medicine.


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First ever Swiss Bionic Solutions Certification Seminar ASIA in Bangkok Thailand!

After laying the foundation for the SBS business launch in Asia, SBS-CEO Wolfgang Jaksch hosted the first SBS certification course with the new franchise partner from all over asia in... Read more

Date: 17-02-2014

Radio interview with Allie Ochs on VoiceAmerica

PEMFs with the iMRS – intimate simple things you need to know about PEMFs Join Tammeron and her guest Allie Ochs as they discuss the amazing technology that is now available... Read more

Date: 31-01-2014

Let it snow, let it snow let it snow

While Greg Musser, Corporate President from the US, and Allie Ochs, Corporate President from Canada arrived at bitter cold temperatures in Denver on December 5th,  parts of the world celebrated... Read more

Date: 20-12-2013

Event Fort Lauderdale Nov 2013

Intelligent Energy Medicine was gracious sponsor and host for MediConsult International CEO, Wolfgang Jaksch.  The evenings location was held at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery and Science, this provided... Read more

Date: 20-11-2013

Health Harmonies Alabama Event!

Got to love Alabama and Nelly’s dedication to the iMRS in her beautiful studio “Health Harmonies” in Hampton Cove, Alabama. Nelly’s studio offers whole body vibrations, infrared sauna and more!... Read more

Date: 19-08-2013

How to ... plan your retirement with iMRS/PEMF!!

Time has finally come to do the next exceptional step featuring MediConsult, the iMRS and PEMF in the media and reach out to 22 million people all over the world.... Read more

Date: 15-07-2013

"Brain Fire" in Colorado

Yes, the smoke from our challenged minds was indeed noticeable - on Saturday, June 22, 2013 at Palomino Park. Hermina’s MediConsult Education Meeting was, as always, well attended and most... Read more

Date: 26-06-2013

The future of telemedicine – presented on the annual network forum of the german society of energy and informational medicine (DGEIM) in Heidelberg!

On the weekend of june 22nd and 23rd the annual network forum of the DGEIM was held in Heidelberg/Germany. Attendees from europe, asia and north america were able to listen... Read more

Date: 25-06-2013